Stainless Steel Products in Kazan

Without stainless steel products, it is impossible to imagine modern life. Their applications include industry and construction, the latest technology and medicine, housing and communal services and life, architecture, design and much more. Stainless steel — material with properties that allow it to be operated for many decades: strength, durability, corrosion resistance, hygienic cleanliness and aesthetics. ALFA-STAR is a supplier and manufacturer of stainless steel products of brands AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 321 and their domestic analogues 08X18N10T, 12X18N10T, 02X17N14M2T in a wide range at competitive prices. In our catalog:

  • metal rental hot and cold rolled sheet, sort ( calibrated circle, strip ), shaped ( stamped and hot-rolled corner ), stainless pipes seamless and electric welded round, square and rectangular;
  • fittings: fittings of various structures and stainless steel flanges. Used in pipelines, mechanisms and other systems. Welded fittings applied in high pressure pipelines, in systems operating during temperature and pressure drops, vibrations, bumps and other loads. Thread fittings are most widely used due to ease of installation and the possibility of multiple installation / dismantling and replacement, while the connection they provide is strong and reliable;
  • locking fittings to control the flow in the pipeline: ball valves of various designs ( threaded, flange, coupling, welded ), check valves, threaded and flange filters, disc closures, gate valves;
  • steel fasteners: bolts, anchors, nuts, washers, clamps, rods;
  • cutting and welding materials: electrodes, welding wire, cutting and stripping discs, stainless steel brushes.